Bartosz Rdułtowski, born in 1973. He graduated from the Jagiellonian University Medical College. He lives in Krakow. After seven years of working as a pharmacist he decided to fully devote his life to his passion and became a professional writer.

A researcher, documentalist, and publisher. Owner of Technol Publishing House; initiator and author of the following series: “Militarne sekrety“ (Military Secrets), “Tajemnicza Polska” (Mysterious Poland), and “Z archiwum militarnych sekretów“ (From the Archive of Military Secrets). Author of a number of books and articles. Engaged in exploring and solving mysteries related with secret military projects – from German WW2 operations to contemporary programs. He hunts war secrets of Lower Silesia and Lesser Poland.

Author of the following books: “Z archiwum tajnych technologii lotniczych” [From the Archive of Secret Aeronautical Technology) (2001); “Syndrom V-7” (The V-7 Syndrome) (2003); “Podziemne tajemnice Gór Sowich – cz.1” (The Underground Mysteries of the Owl Mountains – Part 1) (2007); “Ostatni sekret Wunderwaffe – cz.1” (The Last Secret of Wunderwaffe – Part 1) (2007); “Ostatni sekret Wunderwaffe – cz.2” (The Last Secret of Wunderwaffe – Part 2) (2008); “Foo Fighters – tajna broń III Rzeszy?” (Foo Fighters – Secret Weapon of the Third Reich?) (2008); “Podziemne tajemnice Gór Sowich – cz.2” (The Underground Mysteries of the Owl Mountains – Part 2) (2011); “Podziemne tajemnice Gór Sowich – cz.3” (The Underground Mysteries of the Owl Mountains – Part 3) (2011); “Ostatni sekret Wunderwaffe – cz.3” (The Last Secret of Wunderwaffe – Part 3) (2011); “The Postwar Secrets of the Owl Mountains” (2012), "The Hunt for Wunderwaffe" (2012).

Co-author of the following books: “Bitwa o prędkość i pułap” (Battle for Speed and Altitude) (2005); “W kręgu tajemnic Riese” (Riese – In The Circle of Mysteries) (2008); “Utajnione incydenty Zimnej Wojny” (Sealed Incidents of the Cold War) (2009); “Tropem tajemnic Riese” (Following the Secrets of Riese) (2010). Co-author of “Tajemnica Riese” (Secret of Riese) movie script.

Cooperates with „Wiedza i Życie – Inne Oblicza Historii“ magazine.

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